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Top 5 Sex Toys For Women

Top 5 Sex Toys For Women Top 5 Sex Toys For Women 

Whether you are riding solo or you want to introduce sex toys into your sex life, there is no time like the present to invest in purchasing some of the best toys designed specifically for vulva-owners. That said, the sex toys on this list can be used by anyone who enjoys sensations that the toys provide. They can also be used different erogenous zones, since as long as you enjoy those sensations; you are bound to have fun.

The world is filled with various vibes, each tailored to aid a specific part of your body and erogenous zones. It all comes down to the sensations that you personally prefer. We are all different, and that is why Cirilla’s Store provides you with many exciting sex toy models designed to accommodate everyone’s naughty needs. If you are interested in finding a suitable sex toy for your needs, here is a list of the top 5 toys perfectly designed to pleasure women and vagina-owner in general.

1. Clitoral Vibrators

As the name suggests, clit vibrators are designed to focus on the most sensitive part of the vagina, the clitoris. These toys are specifically made to focus on clitoral stimulation, and they come in various shapes and sizes. Let’s not forget that women are often unable to orgasm just from penetrative sex; they need something more to push them over the peak. In fact, 18% of women have reported being able to climax during penetrative sex alone, while 36% of women said that although they can reach orgasm during penetrative sex, clitoral stimulation felt a lot better.

One of the most popular discreet vibrators that can be easily hidden in the palm of your hand is The Rose suction vibrator. It comes with seven functions and can last a long time on a full charge. If you are looking for ways to spice up your sex life or enjoy yourself alone, you can’t go wrong with this selection of clit vibrators. They are often small and discreet, made from high-quality materials that are soft to the touch and feel good. Of course, there are also many non-discreet clitoral vibrators, such as the Empowered Smart Pleasure Idol.  

2. Wand Massagers

When talking about powerful vibrators, wand massagers definitely take the cake. They deliver super strong vibrations through bulbous heads that can provide stimulation to wider surfaces of your body. They often have a typical design with a long handle and a bulbous head, but today there are other models of wand massagers you can consider, too. As long as you are somebody who enjoys strong vibrations, this toy is the perfect choice.

One of the more popular models includes the Magic Wand Plus that has a pretty design and is a full-sized corded massager. It delivers amazing vibrations and has a soft, flexible head with powers you could only get from a plug-in massager. Many of them are wireless and come with multiple speed options, such as the Le Wand Rechargeable massager.

3. Rabbit Vibrators

One of the most popular sex toys for women is the Rabbit vibrators. These vibrators have a very specific shape and are designed in a way to provide penetrative and clitoral stimulation at the same time. They are often curved in a way that’ll easily read your G-spot, and some even come with additional attachments for anal pleasures, such as the Lick Me Triple Stim Vibrator. Rabbit vibrators were initially designed for solo play but can be used by couples, too. For example, you can enjoy a double-ended Rabbit vibrator with your girlfriend!

4. Realistic Vibrators

Some women prefer vibrational sensations; others love the penetrative feeling instead. That is why in Cirilla’s Store, you get a variety to choose from. The realistic vibrators are designed to look and feel like the real deal while also providing you with different vibration settings and patterns. There are also double-headed dildos perfect for same-sex couples, such as the Dual Vibrating Flexi-Dong.

The designs will vary a lot, depending on whether you enjoy a slight curve, ribbed pleasures, or just how realistic you want the vibrator to look. Some realistic vibes are curved in a specific way to provide you with ultimate pleasure; others are just straight and come with ribbed shafts. For example, Stud Cliterrific Dong is a powerful dildo with an interesting design that’ll surely help you reach an orgasm every single time.

5. Bullet Vibrators

For lovers of discreet pleasures, bullet vibrators are often the go-to choice. Because of their size, you can easily hide them in your purse or even pocket. However, even though they are super small, they will still provide you with strong vibrations, which also depends on the vibrator model. One of the more popular models is the Silver Power Bullet, which is small and easy to hide, providing you with strong vibrations.

There are also vibrators that have more interesting designs, such as the Sensuelle Point Plus, a rechargeable bullet that can last a long time on a single charge. It comes with 20 intense functions and includes two silicone sleeves, depending on the texture you prefer.

How to Choose The Perfect Sex Toy?

When purchasing your first sex toy, there are a couple of things to consider. First, start with figuring out a budget, then find a shop that provides you with a wide selection of toys. Visit Cirilla’s Store if you are searching for high-quality sex toys at affordable prices. These toys are all durable, and with such a wide variety of models, there is no doubt that you will find the toy that gets you in the mood.

You should also consider the material and sensations the toys provide. What kind of sensations do you prefer, and are you planning to use the sex toy alone or with a partner? Lucky for you, Cirilla’s Store has toys designed for all genders and sexual orientations, including couples, as well. Thus, regardless of whether you want to spice up your sex life or you wish to find the perfect ‘partner in crime,’ simply visit Cirilla’s Storeand you’ll be given many fun sex toys to choose from.