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10 Best Vibrators In The Market

Your Guide To 10 Different Types Of Vibrators & How To Use Each BestYour Guide To 10 Different Types Of Vibrators & How To Use Each Best

Vibrator – A word that easily evokes visions and, of-times memories of a cylindrical buzzing thing as well as bouts of pulsating and tantalizing orgasms. Strangely though, many people – men and women alike – associate vibrators with dildo-like toys. But like any sex expert will tell you, there’s much more into the vibrator world than just phallic designed toys. If anything, phallic designed vibrators comprise a twig in a branch of the massive tree that vibrators make in the expansive forest of sex toys. As you’re about to find out, the overall landscape is astonishingly vast and beautifully varied.

Traditional Vibrators

Traditional Vibrators

The Hitachi Magic Wand is what many people have in mind when one talks of traditional vibrators. It first hit the market in the 1960s. Back then, it wasn’t really referred to as a vibrator because really, it wasn’t one. It was designed as a body massager but as fate would have it, women pretty quickly discovered that it could serve other purposes pretty much well…even better than some dicks. And so the vibrator was done. A huge demand for Hitachi Magic Wand massagers suddenly hit stores across America. It wasn’t long before Hitachi figured out they had to do something about the demand. They eventually came up with real vibrators designed solely for sexual stimulation. This saw the birth of many other brands with different designs all serving the same purpose – self pleasure.

By 1970, the market was awash with many different designs of vibrators. These are what many people today refer to as traditional vibrators. Using them was simple. You only needed to gently hold them over the clitoris until you achieved orgasm. The concept in terms of usage hasn’t changed much to date. Rotation speed and vibration intensity are the only major changes you’ll notice in traditional vibrators still on the market today.

Clit Vibrators

Clit vibrators

Clit vibrators come in different shapes, colors, and of course, sizes. It doesn’t matter how they look. They are all designed to serve one purpose – to provide intense external stimulation against the clit. A clit vibrator can, therefore, be conspicuously big with a long handle like the aforementioned traditional, wand style vibrator. It can also be egg shaped or round just sizeable enough for you to hold it in your palm. Better yet, it can be bullet or pearl shaped, small enough for you to hold in between your fingers like a pen or a cigarette. It can even be a sexy, discrete lipstick shaped vibrator…you get the idea. 

You may have already read or watched a couple of tutorials on how to use clit vibrators. Note that there are hundreds of different types of clit vibrators. You’re better off reading the user manual that came along with your clit vibrator if you already ordered one. Ideally, many clit vibrators are designed for people who prefer clitoral stimulation to g-spot stimulation. They’re also ideal for those who don’t fancy penetrative sex. The rule, therefore, is simple. Use your clit vibrator to arouse the clit. This means sitting in a good position, arching your pelvic region a little using a pillow on your lower back as you lie on your back, and gently playing with your clit using your clit vibrator. For maximum pleasure, always start with the lowest speed and intensity as you build up. Your body will pick the rhythm as you gradually get aroused until you orgasm.

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators

Famed in the 1960s and 70s for being the ultimate orgasm gadget, they evolved from body massagers as you’ve already read above. Women loved them for their powerful vibrations. Nothing much has changed in terms of vibrations. They’re still as powerful as they were when they first hit the market as massagers. You may have noticed though that with modern wand vibrators, you get to control not just the vibration speed but also the intensity. Note too that wand vibrators are perfect for those who are into clitoral stimulation.

Using a wand vibrator is easy. First off though, don’t, for whichever reason, get intimidated by a wand vibrator. They’re mostly big and powerful but they’re solely used externally, so you really have no reason to worry about their size or design.

Like many other vibrators, you can use it whichever way you like as long as you’re having a good time. For amateurs though, always start your wand vibrator with the lowest speed setting. Be sure to use some water lube on yourself and on the vibrator. Slowly but gently, move the head of your wand vibrator around your vulva. This will go a long way to help you figure out what feels good. Start on the outside as you work your way towards the clit. Alternatively, you can hold the vibrator against the vulva so as to have it get into contact with both the clit and the labia. Once you’re aroused, you can play with the speed settings as you work your way through which speed and intensity setting will tip you over the horny stage into the orgasm zone.

Rabbit Vibrators

Realistic Vibrator

Talk of rabbit vibrators anywhere and you’ll certainly hear someone mention ‘explosive’ or ‘mind-blowing’ orgasms. Rabbit vibrators are designed for just that – intense orgasms. Looking at their design and how they work, it is easy to understand why. They are designed to stimulate two erogenous zones at the same time – the g-spot as well as the clitoris. That is orgasms from rabbit vibrators are often referred to as ‘blended’ orgasms.

Before using one, make sure you have enough water-based lube. That way, everything will slip around and you’ll feel easy, comfortable, and nice. You can then start off your rabbit vibrator with the lowest vibration setting just to have a hang of how it feels. Note that there are different vibration motions you can try. Ultimately, it’s all about listening to your body and noting what feels good. There isn’t much of a learning curve. Better yet, there are no rules!

Hold the rabbit vibrator inside you as it vibrates. Make sure the rabbit-eared part of the vibrator is over your clit. You can, as an alternative, move the shaft in a gentle thrusting motion as is usually the case with penetrative toys. As you do this, the rabbit ears should intermittently come in contact with your clitoris. Gradually, you’ll feel aroused. You can then work your way up with the settings until you orgasm.

Be sure to go for a rabbit vibrator that’s designed to have the shaft and the rabbit ears work separately. They’re ideal because you can switch off one part so as to focus on the part that turns you on better. You can also turn both sides on whenever you crave for some blended orgasm.

G-Spot Vibrators

G-Spot Vibrators

The clue is in the name. They are designed for…well, you already figured out that – clitoral stimulation. That explains why their tips are tilted and arched. That way they get to reach the inner front wall of the vagina, exactly where the g-spot is located.

All g-spot vibrators are designed for internal use. Using them is as such, pretty simple once you learn the basics. Like all other vibrators, always start it off with the lowest vibration speed. Insert it into your vagina gently and gold it to get a hang of how it feels. Form here, there are two ways to make the most of your g-spot vibrator. You can move it in and out or you can gently move it around in circular motions. Better yet, you can simply hold it still inside you as you savour the vibrations. This is in fact, a good way to enjoy it as you can play around with the vibration speed as you hold it still. Depending on your position, you can still use your fingers to stroke and play around with your clit so as to enjoy both g-spot and clitoral stimulation.

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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators

They are ideal for beginners. They’re also perfect for those who are into an orgasm on the go. Small, yet powerful, they are bullet shaped for ease of use and portability. It doesn’t end there. They are also quiet, discreet, and affordable. More importantly, though, they are solely designed for clitoral stimulation.

To use a bullet vibrator, turn it on to its lowest vibration setting. Slowly but gently move it around your vulva. To better enjoy the vibrator, stroke your labia with the vibrator on. Move it around as you move towards the clit. Circle the clit as gently until you feel fully aroused. You can also try direct contact on the clit. Once again, make sure the vibration setting is at its lowest. You can then work your way up with the speed as you gradually get aroused.

Luxury Vibrators

Luxury Vibrators

There are cars. Then there are high-end cars – the million-dollar cars with sleek designs and features that can be described as the epitome of class. Now turn that around with vibrators. There are vibrators. Simple vibrators. Now for every simple vibrator you come across, be it a clit, a g-spot, or a bullet vibrator, there’s a high-end, version of it. In simple words, luxury vibrators are the crème de la crème of the vibrator world. With that in mind, expect your desired luxury vibrator to come along with a pricy tag.

Many factors set apart luxury vibrators. One such factor is the material from which they are made. Most, if not all, are made from medical grade and body safe silicone. They are, therefore, non-porous and safe for sharing. They are also durable. Take all these factors into account and you can easily figure out why luxury vibrators feel good on the skin. The high grade silicone from which many of them are made of is firm and at the same time, pliable. They feel silky to the touch. The touch factor is important here because a vibrator must first feel good and comfortable on the skin before you can consider any other feature.

Then there is the vibration or if you may, the motor factor. Luxury vibrators feature different vibration speeds and patterns. They make it easy for you to choose which pattern and speed tickle your fancy good enough to tip you over and have you drown in orgasm. You won’t have to worry about noise as all this happens. That’s because luxury vibrators are mostly whispering quiet and discreet. The guarantee no noise because the motor doesn’t bang against the low grade, cheap plastic.

Much can be written or said of luxury vibrators. The point is, they are unique and luxurious in so many aspects. Some actually come along with mobile applications as well as extra features like memory settings to help you remember your last setting. Better yet, others feature temperature control as well as extra patterns for extra stimulation.

Because there’s a luxury version of each type of vibrator in the market, there’s no one size fits all as far as how to use luxury vibrators is concerned. Each luxury vibrator is simply different. Your best bet is to read the user guide that came along with your luxury vibrator.

Realistic Vibrator

Realistic Vibrator

Realistic vibrators are in simple terms, vibrators that have the look and feel of a real penis. They are therefore ideal for those who want to orgasm while fantasizing about a specific man in mind. Some models look so real, complete with testicles at the base, natural looking tips, and veins. Extremely detailed and realistic, they guarantee intense gratification.

Not all realistic vibrators are the same. Some feature just one vibration function while others feature different types of vibration speeds as well as rotation. Note too that realistic vibrators are made of different materials like jelly rubber, plastic, nylon, leather, silicone, cyber skin, TPE, and ABS. They are realistic, so their shape is common – phallic. This means you can also get naughty with it and yeah…give it a blowjob.

For a life-like experience, peppered with numbing orgasms, use your realistic vibrator as you’re directed in its user manual. This is important because different realistic vibrators feature different specifications and button functionalities. Be sure to lube your vibrator well before inserting it into the vagina. You can if you like, use your realistic vibrator for anal awesomeness.

Le Wand

Le Wand

Le Wand vibrators – are known for their strong yet gentle and consistent vibrations. Modern models are of course more advanced as they feature two modes of stimulation – pulsing and vibrating. It doesn’t end there. You may have already noticed from experience or reviews that when it comes to vibrators, there are two main types of motors – buzzy and rumbly. Buzzy motors are what many vibe lovers often describe as ‘surface yet pinpoint stimulation’ Rumbly motors on the other hand penetrate easily into the tissues.  Now, this is where it gets interesting – Le Wand massagers come complete with both motors. That explains why they guarantee euphoric orgasms. As for materials used to make the toy, Le Wand vibrators score big. They feature tender soft silicone which makes the head of the vibrator easy on the skin. This is a huge perk because the texture is vital when it comes to keeping the lube where you want it. With Le Wand vibrators, that is never a problem. The lube stays where you want it, the motor runs smoothly and more importantly, the design makes it easy to hold. All these and more explain why Le Wand vibrators have for years stood out as the ultimate clit vibrators.

Note that Le Wand is the ultimate upgrade of the all-time popular Hitachi Magic Wand. If you used one back in the 70s, you really shouldn’t have a problem using any modern Le Wand model. There are no rules, but the basics remain the same. Start by arousing yourself just to put yourself in the mood. Foreplay as any sex expert will tell you, is extremely important for anyone who craves for an intense orgasm.

As already mentioned, Le Wand vibrators (or massagers if you wish) are known for their strong vibrations. This means that holding the wand in one place for long can easily cause feelings of numbness. This shouldn’t worry you if by chance you experience it. Simply back off and use the vibrator on your clit intermittently. Move the vibrator in circular motions around the vulva. You can go up and down or down then up. If you feel kinky, you can go ahead and stimulate the sensitive nerve endings located around the anus. Be gentle as you play with yourself. Once you feel all wet and fully aroused, rub the vibrator on your clit until you orgasm.

Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus

It is regarded by many as the best sex toy ever designed. Get your hands on it and you’ll quickly understand why. Think of it as an upgrade of the aforementioned Le Wand model, only that this time, you’re dealing with a sex toy with added features that are really easy to use. It is actually the ultimate compromise for those who prefer plug-in type vibrators but do not want the extra whistles and bells of the Magic Wand Rechargeable. It boasts of a variable speed, a tender soft silicone head, a 1-year warranty, and a fresh design. Designed to perfection over a 50 year period, there’s really no way you can go wrong with the Magic Wand Plus. Other notable features include charging convenience, thanks to the vibrator’s power adapter that works just fine with any outlets of anything between 100v and 240v. Its 6 feet charging cord is also another notable perk.

You don’t need detailed instructions on how to use the Magic Wand Plus vibrator. It is, after all, a vibrating massager, so go for whatever makes you feel good. For orgasms though, there are a few pointers that can get you into the orgasmic zone in style. The vibrator features a power button and two extra increase and decrease buttons. As you play around with your clit, the up and down buttons should help you get aroused gradually. You can then increase or decrease speed depending on what turns you in terms of speed. Be sure to sit or lie in a good position as you use the toy. For maximum pleasure, foreplay is important so touch yourself sensually – just enough to get your flower wet and all excited for some clitoral fun.

Wrap Up

You’ll notice that when it comes to all vibrators you have three options – rechargeable, battery-powered, and strictly plug-in vibrators. Your best bet here is to go for one that guarantees you maximum fun as well as convenience. If you’re looking for something you can use together with your partner, then by all means go for either rechargeable or battery powered vibrators. Plug-in vibrators are quickly fading into oblivion as more powerful battery powered and rechargeable vibrators hit stores. That doesn’t mean though that you shouldn’t get one. If anything, go for a plug-in vibrator if you’re all about intense and euphoric orgasms.

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