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Quarantine Made Sex Toys a Necessity

How Quarantine Made Sex Toys a NecessityHow Quarantine Made Sex Toys a Necessity

Nobody could have prepared us for quarantine, and while a lot of people were isolated with their families, many of us were isolated alone. It is no secret that the sales of hand sanitizers, face masks, and toilet paper have surged during quarantine. But those are not the only things that were sold, like hot cakes. Sex toys were sold worldwide, and many sites have reported having experienced a 200% increase in sales, which is a lot!

Today, although quarantine has toned down in many places, sex toys are still being sold worldwide. During quarantine, everyone felt lonely and touch-deprived, which led to these huge sales. Instead of calling it self-pleasure, many have started calling it self-care. You could say that while masturbation was once a taboo topic, that’s no longer the case. Every man, women, transgender person, and others own at least one sex toy… if not a whole collection of them.

Sex Toys Were Always Popular

While it is true that the sales in sex shops have spiked every since quarantine first started, sex toys were actually always popular. However, since they were seen as a kind of taboo, a lot of people did not purchase them. What pushed us all over the edge was the fact that we had to isolate ourselves. Couples and singles who ended up isolating alone needed something to distract themselves. What better way to do that than to purchase sex toys and have some solo fun?

People were always fans of sex toys, at least in private. Now, we are all free to share our likes/dislikes on social media. You can even find detailed sex toy reviews online, which can explain how to use it and how it feels. Not to mention the plethora of hot videos that you can find.

There’s a Lot to Choose From

Let’s keep in mind that the variety of sex toys has also increased compared to the past. Instead of being able to buy just your average standard dildos and vibrators, the sex toy industry has become incredibly creative. This is yet another reason why sex toys have become so popular. No matter what kind of desires or stimulation you are searching for, you are surely going to find something amusing online.

You have the regular dildos, vibrators, and fleshlights… and you also have more creative toys, BDSM kits, fuck machines, high-quality sex dolls, all shapes of butt plugs, etc. Whether you need clit stimulation or you want to shove it in somewhere, the sex toy industry has it all. These toys come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. All your dirty needs are bound to be satisfied.

Long gone are the days when you would have to purchase a back massager to actually have some dirty fun. The only task you have now is to search for the toy that suits your taste perfectly. With such a vast collection to go through, how can you possibly pick out the one that makes you feel good? Well, there are a couple of things to consider… first, is what makes you cum? Do you enjoy handjobs/blowjobs? Do you prefer clit stimulation?

Every sex toy comes with a manual and a description, not to mention that you can always search for online videos demonstrating how the toy functions. Some toys are quite straightforward, other seem a bit more complicated. But, it’s never rocket science to understand how to pleasure yourself. With that said, you should definitely spend some quality time studying what each sex toy offers and what features you can expect, especially if you have a unique pallet.

We’ve Learned New Things about Ourselves

Self-care is crucial for every adult and it comes in many different forms. Masturbation is one of the most important forms of self-care, as it offers a lot of benefits. Masturbation is known to decrease stress and anxiety, it can improve the quality of your sleep, and can help make things a lot more interesting in the bedroom. Here are just a couple of reasons why you should include sex toys in your self-care routine.

  • Discover yourself – sometimes, sex toys can help us learn new things about ourselves. With new sex toys, you can learn about different kinds of pleasures and discover something you’ve never known… whether it is clitoral stimulation or ass play, there are many things to consider!
  • Feel empowered – considering that masturbation was often seen as taboo, especially for women, ever since quarantine and the spike in sales, sex toys have started to make people feel empowered. On that note, sex toys can also make us feel a lot more confident!
  • Our sex life has become more interesting – in addition to being meant for solo fun, sex toys can be used by couples as well. If your sex life has become stale, you might want to purchase sex toys. Take your partner to a sex shop or shop online, and find toys that you both want to try solo or together!

Top 4 Most Popular Sex Toys for Women

1. Dame Eva

This is one of the first hands-free and strap-free toys perfect for women and couples. The creators of the toy know that vulvas come in all sizes and shapes; thus, the toy has been designed to fit as many sizes and shapes as possible. The motor is a lot less buzzy than your typical sex toy, but it is still very quiet. Dame Eva offers three levels of vibrations, it is made from medical-grade silicone, and it offers pleasures as you’ve never experienced!

2. Air Stimulators

In case you are searching for a whole new sensation, you might want to consider air stimulators. There are a variety of toys that you can find within this category, each one offering tons of naughty stimulation options. A lot of these toys go from super soft to hardcore experience in a couple of seconds, and the higher quality toys will be waterproof. Not to mention that they are super easy to clean.

3. Rabbit Vibrators

For women who still prefer the classics, you should consider purchasing rabbit vibrators. These have become incredibly popular in the past, and ever since quarantine; they have surfaced again. These vibrators used to have a specific shape. Today, they offer both vaginal and clitoral pleasures. Not to mention that today they come in different shapes, colors, and sizes!

4. Kegel Balls

Have you ever wanted to train your kegel muscles? Well, kegel balls come in all sorts of shapes and colors, and they will help you do just that… while also providing pleasures. You can build stamina from the lightest to the heaviest options while enjoying a hot erotic massage from the inside. These balls are perfect for better sex and powerful orgasms.

Top 4 Most Popular Sex Toys for Men

1. Male masturbators

One cannot deny that male masturbators offer pleasures live you’ve never felt before. Sure, sex can be fun, but male masturbators are pretty close. Sometimes we refer to them as “pocket pussy” and they come in a lot of shapes and sizes. There are male masturbators that offer the sensation of a pussy, mouth, or ass, or toys that have it all in one. Some of them can get warm from the inside, but all of them are perfectly designed to wrap around your cock.

2. Vibrators

Some men enjoy prostate massages, and what better way to stimulate your G spot than to use a vibrator? There are tons of vibratos you and choose from, offering lots of hot features designed to make you feel good. These vibratos come in all shapes and sizes, so you can easily find your perfect toy.

3. Butt plugs

Many of us are only familiar with butt plugs that used to be sold in the past. They all sort of had the same shape, but today you have butt plugs in all sorts of shapes. Some even vibrate, and some are designed to trail your backside for harder adventures.

4. Cock rings

Similarly to butt plugs, instead of having just one type of a cock ring, they now come with all sorts of functions. Of course, you can still purchase just the basic cock rings, or you can purchase vibrating cock rings with extensions and many other features. There are even some that are remote-controlled for some extra spice!

Top 3 Most Popular Sex Toys for Couples

1. We-Vibe Unite

Searching for the perfect toy to spice things up in the bedroom? Well, the We-Vibe vibrator has become incredibly popular with couples. Your beauty wears it during sex to experience clitoral stimulation while both of you get down and dirty. The toy is very comfortable and flexible, so it is super easy to use. It comes with a couple of vibrations and is made from body-safe silicone.

2. Double-ended vibrator

In case both you and your partner enjoy penetration, the double-ended dildo is a perfect choice. Today, you have both dildos and vibrators that are joined together to give the ultimate pleasure. They come in different shapes and offer lots of naughty features.

3. Finger stimulators

If you want to pleasure your woman in bed like no man before you, then you should check out the finger stimulators. These are designed to be put on your finger and make your woman feel good while vibrating. Of course, this is a good solo toy as well!

How to Find the Perfect Sex Toy

The first thing to keep in mind is that every body is different. Some people prefer hardcore vibrating sex toys; others love dildos and butt plugs. Finding your perfect sex toy could be confusing, but it is not impossible. The first thing you should do is explore your body; what makes you feel good? Use your hands and your imagination to get to the bottom of what makes your reach the naughtiest orgasm.

Do not be afraid to experiment. Sometimes, the way we prefer to be touched can change, which also applies to our turn-ons/offs. The best way to know what kind of sex toy makes you feel good is to first explore by yourself and then explore pleasures with your partner. Lucky for us, today, sex toys have become so popular that they are seen as a necessity. So if you have never purchased a sex toy before, you have plenty to choose from! Not to mention that it is super easy to simply order one online and have it discretely delivered to your doorstep.