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Top 5 Male Masturbators/Stokers you can buy on Cirilla’s under $50Top 5 Male Masturbators/Stokers you can buy on Cirilla’s under $50

Honestly, dude, are you still jerking off with your hands the same way you did when you were a clumsy teenager? Not that anyone is against it but have you, at least, tried other things for your solo sessions? Anything at all, besides spitting on your palms and stroking a quick one out of the chambers. 

Maybe give male sex toys a go! Those who already use them speak highly of these great inventions if the reviews are anything to go by. A lot of these bad boys today come with in-built heating mechanisms and can vibrate. What more can a man ask for, considering the last best masturbatory aid we had were our hands? 

Male orgasm is just as complex as the female orgasm, or maybe not. Although we all ejaculate at the peak of sexual excitement, some men indeed experience better orgasms than others. 

An efficient way to maximize your climax experience, especially when you’re playing solo is to incorporate sex toys in your sessions. The ideal male sex toy pick will help you achieve an all-rounded sensual orgasm, with more frequency, and intensity. 

If you’re looking to discover new ways to satisfy yourself sexually, then maybe you shouldn’t overlook owning a male sex toy. Screw the stigma surrounding the use of male sex toys; we all deserve a more satisfying masturbation experience than what we’re already getting stroking our cocks and cumming in dirty socks. 

There’re at least 10 other erogenous zones in your body besides the penis that can give you the same or even better sexual stimulation. You owe it to yourself to discover and explore these pleasure centers for a more exciting masturbation experience. 

Here are our top 5 picks for the best male masturbators for under $50 you should try for your solo plays: 

Hot Chocolate Alexis Vibrating Stroker

Ranking at number #1 for the obvious reasons you’re about to find out in the next paragraphs is the iconic Hot Chocolate Alexis Vibrating stroker. As the last word in the descriptive name suggests, this impressive sex toy belongs to the broader category of strokers.

Strokers are basic male sex toys designed to traditionally mimic the vagina, butt, or mouth. They’re the second-best thing to getting it on with a real thing and perhaps the reason they’re in the best-selling male sex toys category. 

They come in varied sizes, shapes, and colors to please every penis out there. However, the Hot Chocolate Alexis Vibrating Stroker is not your typical stroker. The sex toy is made from medicine-grade TPE material that makes it safe on your skin and gives the toy a life-like appearance. TPE also has natural noise-reduction capabilities, your roommate won’t even notice you’re self-pleasuring unless maybe you’re a noisy moaner. 

It’s soft (flesh-like) and ribbed to offer maximum stimulation to your shaft, and with a one-speed in-built vibrating bullet suffocating your penis with euphoric sensations, we bet you’ll be ditching hand masturbation after taking out this toy for a spin. 

The Hot Chocolate Alexis Vibrating Stroker has a length of 5.25” and a 1.5” width but since it’s open-ended it could accommodate a much lengthier and wider penis. Folks, this is one sex toy you won’t know you need until you try it. 

Get your Hot Chocolate Alexis Vibrating Stroker for a meager $23. 99 billed, packaged, and shipped discretely to your location. 

Real Mouth Stroker

If you don’t have a sexual partner then your next best bet to get your cock sucked is our realistic Mouth Stroker. And, Yes. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a sex toy that sucks your dick! 

The Real Mouth Stroker is a 6.5 inches long and 4 inches wide toy with a depth of 2.65 inches offering steamy blowjobs and aggressively sensual deepthroats. Like most strokers on our shelves, it’s made of high-grade TPE material which makes it realistically soft and sound-proof for silent sessions. 

Among the features that make this toy a great choice for male oral stimulation is a soft slippery tongue that extends from the depths of the mouth and occasionally comes out during thrusting. 

The tongue is designed to sensually tease your cock’s belly offering the stimulation of a lifetime. Also inside the mouth are life-like palate ridges that just make the whole experience as realistic as sticking your penis in your significant other’s mouth.

With adequate water-based lube perfectly applied to the toy, the Real Mouth Stroker feels exactly like sticking your member inside a warm moist mouth that strokes your dick with the grip, and frequency you desire. 

The toy is hand-held and thus you can control how fast or slow you want to receive your blowjob. This incredible blowjob-giver goes for only $43.99 on Cirilla’s. And with discreet packaging and shipping, there’s no excuse for not owing one. 

Tenga Spinner Series 03 Shell Stroker

The vagina can offer a tight grip to the penis, self-lubricate, heat up naturally, and signal climax – a work of art by the universe if you ask anyone. 

But given the chance, what new functionality would you introduce to the vagina as a dick-carrying member of society? Well, for most dudes a twisting mechanism in the pussy would go a long way in enhancing their sexual experience. 

What they mean is pussy that slightly and gently twists the cock as it burrows through with every trust. That would be a game-changer in the whole penetrative sex (featuring the vagina).

Well, until evolution considers this bizarre capability, we all have to experience this sensation from the visionary Tenga Spinner Series 03 Shell Stroker. This sex toy incorporates the fantasy twisting mechanism offering an unfathomable sensation. 

The sex toy has an internal coil that twists your cock as it sinks giving you a uniquely smooth sensation you’ve never experienced in real pussy. The toy is shipped to you with a sample hole lotion lubricant for a seamlessly smooth masturbation session. 

It’s easy to clean after you’ve nutted your whole cum reserve in it and dries up pretty fast in case you need to go another quick round. 

You would think that because of its unique capabilities, this toy probably costs more than your health insurance premiums. But alas! For only $27.99, you can make the Tenga Spinner Series 03 Shell Stroker the new addition to your dirty collections of male sex toys. Don’t worry, we’ll ensure the FedEx guy doesn’t know what they are delivering. 

Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker

Sasha Grey may have retired from porn but her delicious pussy that kept us glued to our screens with dicks in our hands doesn’t have to go with her. We present to you the Sasha Grey Pussy Stroker, a male sex toy modeled from the likeness of the legendary Sasha Grey’s pussy. 

Replicated from the highest quality TPE material in the land, gentlemen, this is inarguably the second-best thing to smashing Sasha Grey. The soft inside of the toy turns slippery when oiled with the ideal lube and just begs to be violated. 

It comes in a superelastic material that perfectly hugs your cock; you’ll certainly have an extremely difficult time holding out to delight the toy a bit longer. Other features of the stroker include a multi-textured depth that provides palpitating sensations during stroking and an exterior grip handle that gives you easier control of the toy for better stroking. 

The toy is open-ended to accommodate cocks of all lengths. However, if your penis fits and you cover the other end, the toy develops a magical natural suction capability to enhance your fapping experience big time. 

Ariana Marie ULTRASKYN Pocket Pussy

We can all agree that Ariana Marie is a gift by the sex gods to fappers across the world with varied tastes in women. Why else would she have Irish, Belgian, German, and Puerto Rican origins all at once? 

While your chances of smashing Ariana Marie at the peak of her porn career are close to none, we offer a replica of her pussy for less than $50. The pocket pussy is handcrafted from a clinical blend of ULTRASKYN™ and TPE materials resulting in a cozy, life-like sex toy better than any stroker you’ve tried before. 

The inside of the toy feels exactly like sinking your throbber in a real pussy, Ariana Marie’s pussy for that matter. Believe us; this is better than watching her porn and jerking off with your hand. 

Order this toy from Cirilla’s for $29.99 and experience what it feels like to smash a pornstar. Like with all our products, we also offer discreet packaging and shipping for Ariana Marie’s pocket pussy. 


Male sex toys are becoming increasingly common for partnered sex and solo plays than ever before. It’s no longer shameful to own them for your self-pleasuring sessions, and we’re here to help you accessorize your bedroom with any of these bad boys for less than $50. 

We offer discreet billing, packaging, and shipping for all our products with a delivery time of one day. Need any of the toys listed above? Well, you know what to do – ‘Add to cart’ and it’s yours!